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We decided that it was really time to start making the most of these precious last few baby-free weekends so we abandoned our fruitless attempts to buy insurance for our helper online (more on this, and other tedious tasks later!) and headed for Shek O beach, about a 10 minute drive round the south coast of the Island from our apartment.  Shek O has a really relaxed vibe – you can’t really believe that you are on Hong Kong Island as you feel so far away from the hustle and bustle.  Apparently there are some really nice hikes around there (and the oft-recommended Dragon Back has gone on our list as one to attempt once Dan can carry the baby rather than me!) but instead we spent a happy few hours collapsed in deck chairs reflecting on how incredibly lucky we were to be basking in the sun in the middle of October just round the corner from home – I knew there was a reason I had been so keen on this expat idea…