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I am quite excited about this post – because, in this most expensive of cities, here is an activity you can do for free!  That’s right – totally free.  Amazing!

Image 5Hong Kong Park is located in Central – a green oasis surrounded by skyscrapers.  We were there to visit the Edward Youde Aviary, one of the largest walk-through aviaries in the world and home to approximately 90 species of birds.   Ambling along the walkwayImage 3 suspended high above the ground, you can experience a little of what it must be like in a jungle canopy, with tropical birds flying and singing around you.  Until, of course you notice the staff feeding the birds some sweet treats

Also in the park is the Hong Kong Registry Office where a number of weddings were taking place on an unremarkable (as in, I don’t think 20th November was considered a particularly lucky day for a wedding) weekday afternoon.  If you look very carefully at this photo you can see four brides all waiting for their slot!  I didn’t try to count the bridesmaids but there were lots!  I guess this is unsurprising as a Hong Kong registry office marriage ceremony is done and dusted in around 10 minutes – whilst you can have as many guests as you like there are no readings or potential to personalise the ceremony as there would typically be at home.

photoAnd in case the official wedding photographers were in any doubt as to where might be a good spot for photos, park officials have issued this handy guide:


Need to Know:

Edward Youde Aviary in Hong Kong Park, 19 Cotton Tree Drive, Admiralty. Free. Stroll on a wooden suspension bridge for an eye-level view of 90 species of birds. Open 9 am to 5 pm