IMG-20121111-00011Apart from the food, obviously, one of the things I love most about Hong Kong is the way this city can continuously surprise you!  We turned up at Yung Kee (click the link if you want to check out the slightly off-putting roasted goose on the homepage!!) hoping for “world famous roast goose” one Sunday lunch time (always a massive error on the day the entire population heads out for brunch seemingly en masse) with little hope of getting a table, but instead of being turned away at the door we were ushered upstairs to a packed waiting area.  This is the point when I would normally turn and run – I hate waiting for tables, not knowing how many people are waiting ahead of you, wondering whether we have been forgotten or worrying that someone had come to look for us but were unable to find us.  At Yung Kee however, everyone patiently waiting was clutching a ticket, not unlike those you find at supermarket deli counters designed to prevent a riot when someone attempts to jump the queue for naice ham, while the receptionist yelled the numbers through a mini tanoy system as tables came up.  Ruthlessly efficient… and rather brilliant!  Are there other restaurants in Hong Kong using this system?  I do hope so…